Sheldon Legacy Society

We are proud to recognize with appreciation a very special group of people: those dedicated to carrying out the work of Oswego's founder. By including Oswego in their wills and other estate plans, the members of The Sheldon Legacy Society join Edward Austin Sheldon in passing on the fruits of knowledge to countless generations.

Gifts that earn membership in The Sheldon Legacy Society include bequest intentions; beneficiary designations in either your life insurance or retirement plan assets; trusts, gift annuities and other life income arrangements; and gifts of insurance.

If you've already designated the Oswego College Foundation, Inc. in a will, trust or annuity, please contact Mark Slayton in the Office of University Development at 315-312-3003 or to be included in the Sheldon Legacy Society.

Special thanks go to each of the members of the Sheldon Legacy Society who have made us a member of their family by including SUNY Oswego in their estate plans:

Bruce Altschuler
Anonymous (14)
*Anonymous (3)
Ina Armstrong '73
Elizabeth Baker '61
Edward Balaban '73
Ruth Alton Barker '52
Mark '81 and Catherine Baum
Nancy Potter Bellow '78
*Harold Benedict '23
Anna Bernolak-Morgan '75
Donald '62 and Linda Mykland Blauvelt '61
*Hilde Bohmer
Constance Holmes Bond '51
Bert-Mary Coon Brady '55
Frank Brennan '73
Kristine Hyovalti Bushey '72
Michael Caldwell '70
Richard '66 and Ruth Koski Callan '66
*Katherine Kinslow Carter '44
*James Chu
*Roland and *Dorothy Brown Clark '36
Richard '73 and Julie Roberts Cobello '75
*Stephen Coco '66
*Raymond Connors '46
Raelynn Cooter '77
Andrea LaTemple Crews '85
*Miriam Cullinan
Bridget Curran '92
Karen Rosendale Dahle '67
William Danehy '61
*Joan Mahnke Dashkin '43
Jim and Donna Osterhout Davenport '71
*Ronald Deisseroth '34
*Edward Dexter '35
Susan Fellers Dick '72
Robert K. Dillenbeck '74
Kerry Casey Dorsey '81
*Mary Barclay Dowd '56
James Ellison '70
Neil and Marilynn Farrar '61
Eleanor Filburn
*Ralph Filburn '24
*Thelma Jackson Finnerty '23
Peter Fland '64
Gileen Widmer French '65
*Patricia Gawarecki
*Rosean Loomis Gay '31
*Maurice Gelina '75
*Girgis Ghobrial
Edward '82 and Joanne Gocek
C. Thomas and Shirley Gooding
*Lester Gosier '37
Bob Hageny '86
Lawrence Hammonds '61 M'72
*Mary Lavonier Hannon '28
Thomas L. Harris
*Ralph Hatch '49
*Donald Helmer '38
Bernie Henderson
*Hazel Hewitt '29
*JoAn Huff
Nancy Iwen
Jack James '62
Matt Jenal '78
*Helen Jones
*Patricia Keefe '48 
Charles and Marcia Osterhout Kees '74
William and Elizabeth Kessler
Sanjeev Kumar '15
Frances Lapinski '72
Hank and Joyce Vandemerlen Landau '63
*Thomas Lenihan '76
Donald Levine '78
Phyllis Levine '78
*Lorraine Marano
Andrea Marlar '89
Donald and *Joan Mathieu '85
Jane Banker Meng '58
Fritz Messere '71 and Nola Heidlebaugh
Karen Mongiello '75
Michael '74 and Denise Hart-Moroukian '74
Harold Morse '61
*Stephen Mullady '67
*Anthony and *Greta O'Brien Murabito '43
Colleen Murphy '77
Timothy Murphy '74
Frederick D. Musco '73
Nicholas P. Nanos, Jr. '69
*Carol Nelson '59
Victor Oakes
Gloria Olson '51
*Louise Ostberg
Davis '47 and Jane Parker
*Luther Peterson
*Estate of Mrs. George Penney
Timothy Peterson '81
John Piper '75
Marvin Reed '64
M. Catherine Richardson '63
*John Robert '64 and *Marilyn Burkell Roth '63
Francis Roy '69
David and Suzanne Castrigno Sack '84
Thomas Santay '62
*Doris Schmitt
Constance del Bourgo Schrader '54
James and Marilyn Seago
Carolyn Settzo '77
*Richard Shineman
*Winifred M. Shores
*Herbert '40 and *Hazel Murray Siegel '37
*Dorothea Smithers '70
John '66 and Sally Sodemann Sroka '66
Sara Sternberg '78
*Robert Sweet '48
Melanie Trexler
Jim Triandiflou '88
Sue Trumpick '77
Linda Syrell Tyrrell
*Clover Ury
*Ross Vedder '35
Michael Waters '70
Doran Welch '85
*Ann Wells
*Frances Moroney Whited '44
Glendon Widrick '74
*Charles Wiley '22
Thomas Yates '89
*Jean Young
Richard and Helen Zakin
Sharon Jones Zondag '76

* Deceased